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Our Top Rankers in PCS Result 2016

All the results are All India Ranking (AIR*)


Jaijeet Kaur HoraRoll No. 205047(Deputy Collector)

Namrata SinghRoll No. 147284(Dy. Collector)

Kuldeep SinghRoll No. 039986(Dy. Collector)

Pawan KumarRoll No. 068103(Dy. Collector)

AshutoshRoll No. 281270(Dy. S.P.)

Arun KumarRoll No. 065591(Dy. S.P.)

Astha JaiswalRoll No. 224970(Dy. S.P.)

Pradeep KumarRoll No. 332522(Treasury Officer)

Sunil KumarRoll No. 104616(Sub Registrar)

Neetu GolaRoll No. 418683(Sub Registrar)

AnanditaRoll No. 110572(Treasury Officer)

Anand KumarRoll No. 128032(Distt. Adm. Officer)

Krishn KantRoll No. 094126(Distt. Prog. Officer)

Suresh KumarRoll No. 09136(Asstt. Commissioner)

Abrar AlamRoll No. 266633(Treasury Officer)

Arun SonkarRoll No. 040691(Nayab Tehsildar)

Lalit KumarRoll No. 398745(Nayab Tehsildar)

Suryabali MauryaRoll No. 421655(Nayab Tehsildar)

Shiv PrakashRoll No. 182057(Nayab Tehsildar)

Ashutosh SinghRoll No. 256590(Nayab Tehsildar)

Pooja TripathiRoll No. 417602(Nayab Tehsildar)

Shruti SharmaRoll No. 062277(Block Development Officer)

Mayank MishraRoll No. 042445(Nayab Tehsildar)

Saurabh KumarRoll No. 104938(Nayab Tehsildar)

Vinay KumarRoll No. 356574(Nayab Tehsildar)

KahkashanRoll No. 029747(Audit Officer)

Chandra KantRoll No. 285309(Nayab Tehsildar)

Mahima MishraRoll No. 280245(Nayab Tehsildar)

Shrish KumarRoll No. 066897(Nayab Tehsildar)

Ajeet KumarRoll No. 100993(Nayab Tehsildar)

Alok KatiyarRoll No. 412252(Nayab Tehsildar)

Priya DeviRoll No. 014882(Nayab Tehsildar)

Nishchay KumarRoll No. 289063(Nayab Tehsildar)

Anurag SinghRoll No. 191131(Nayab Tehsildar)

Brijesh KumarRoll No. 351529(Nayab Tehsildar)

Shrish GuptaRoll No. 067097(Block Development Officer)

Punam KumariRoll No. 371401(Nayab Tehsildar)

Abhishek KumarRoll No. 331673(Soc. Welfare Officer)

Jai PrakashRoll No. 215787(Nayab Tehsildar)

Brijesh KumarRoll No. 352549(Nayab Tehsildar)

Kamlesh KumarRoll No. 418006(Nayab Tehsildar)

Lalit KumarRoll No. 398525(Nayab Tehsildar)

Bashisth KumarRoll No. 054890(Nayab Tehsildar)

Birendra KumarRoll No. 390769(Nayab Tehsildar)

Vikas KumarRoll No. 398134(Nayab Tehsildar)

lala RamRoll No. 407225(Nayab Tehsildar)

Sanjay KumarRoll No. 011219(Nayab Tehsildar)

Atul KumarRoll No. 204490(Nayab Tehsildar)

Amar P. SinghRoll No. 332072(Nayab Tehsildar)

Karan SinghRoll No. 366986(Nayab Tehsildar)

Saroj KumarRoll No. 011219(Nayab Tehsildar)

Diwakar MishraRoll No. 273828(Nayab Tehsildar)

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