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New IAS Batches for Civil Services & UPSC, IAS Exams Preparation, Test Series Programs, Civil Service Classroom lectures and Weekend Classes for IAS in Delhi. Dear Aspirants,

Your decision to pursue civil services as a career is undoubtedly appreciable and you deserve a big congratulations for it because civil services not only offers you a lucrative job but also construct a platform to give services to depressed and needy. This career opportunity will definitely enhance your potential in different sectors and have satisfaction of serving country.

In context to this, Vajirao and Reddy Institute Private Limited. is imparting education for last 33 years to make you part of Bureaucracy. Institute is nurturing leaders in every possible dimension and is inculcating human values and ethics, which help them to make decisions and crate a path which is good for them as well as for welfare of society. To fulfill aspirations and goals, each student is motivated to strive to achieve excellence in every endeavour by making substantial improvements in students as well as curricular and pedagogical tools.

It is quite clear that qualities demanded by civil services exam cannot be developed overnight and needs a support at same time. In context to this my 31 years experience of teaching, guiding civil services aspirants coupled with experience through IIPA can make students capable of achieving its goal in an efficient and time bound manner. After years of research and analysis, my team succeeded in developing a course structure that would ensure that students study the concerned subjects along with developing the administrative traits, techniques and soft skills. Our guidance programme emphasizes on mind power and skill-set development so that our students are trained to use this resources optimally and emerge victorious in this examination.

Finally, a student under the Vajirao & Reddy Institute Pvt. Ltd. will lack nothing in terms of support from the faculty, management and administrative staff. We aim to lend a gentle guiding hand so that our students recognize their inner potential and grow of their own accord into stalwarts of tomorrow's society. An aspirant studying in our classroom programme is sure to be knowledgeable, confident and fully equipped to deal with the real world and excel.

I also welcome you to Vajirao & Reddy Institute, where your commitment and devotion will be integrated with our years of experience in guiding and navigating you to your goal successfully.

"Success is not a prerogative of few; it is a privilege enjoyed by those who work for it with an unmatchable spirit of perseverance and self-belief" - Vajirao IAS

Finally, work hard, trust us, believe yourself and remember: "Success is never-ending nor failure is final”

S. S. Chaudhary Sir, Director Vajirao and Reddy Institute Pvt. Ltd. (Institute For IAS Examination), New Delhi

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